Can I still go on holiday? Coronavirus

Unless you have been living underneath a rock this year you’ll have heard of a thing call Coronavirus circulating the globe. Coronavirus put a stop to millions of holidays earlier in the year when Boris had to put the country into lockdown in March, with lockdown 2.0 ready to start on Thursday we have put together a few FAQs.

I’m due to fly before Thursday, can I still go?

Technically yes however check with your airlines and make sure they’re still operating, most companies still are – you should also be able to return following your holiday – again check with your airline and also with the country in which you’re flying to.

My holiday is due to start from Thursday or another date in November

Chances are your holiday will either be cancelled or postponed – information will be circulated from your airline so keep checking – if your holiday is cancelled you should be getting a refund around d 14 days later – this will depend on the terms in w high you signed up, some airlines may offer a credit note.

My flight is still running during lockdown, should I fly?

Double check with your airline plus your accommodation, during the first lockdown we know of stories that airlines were still flying holidaymakers out for them to find their hotels closed, you should only be travelling for work or education.

The common sense approach is to just check with your airline or accommodation, they will only cancel if they absolutely have to.

We will aim to publish as much information as possible however with how quickly advice is changing we advise you to go direct to the source for the latest information.

It’ll soon be Christmas 🙂

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