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19 April 2018

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Read the Terms

So you have booked your low cost flight (hopefully with us!) did you read all of the terms?

probably not!

It’s the same when signing up for anything just clicking next, next, yes, agree, just give me what i’ve ordered! but we had one of our customers contact us regarding a flight he booked to go to Sitges, Spain… not far from Barcelona.

Set off from Birmingham Airport after having a few lager shandies, arrived in Spain and the sun was gleaming.. had a holiday (as always) but this time he got to the airport to check in only to be told the flight was full! – how could the flight be full if he already had his ticket?

turns out, in the small print you have to check in online within 24 hours of the flights departure time to confirm you want to get on the flight that you have paid your own money to get on to get home!

The reason being some of these smaller (and larger) airlines overbook their flights so they can guarantee a full flight and then the remaining passengers which are then called ‘Standby Passengers’ are put on the next available flight… unfortunately we have no control over this and have no way of knowing how many tickets have been sold on each flight.

Please always check before you travel, we aim to get you the best low cost deals possible – if we feel any airline is not providing a good service then we will consider removing them from our search results.

Our customer did manage to get on the flight in the end and get back to Birmingham just in time for work Monday morning.

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